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23 March 1989
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I am Kousagi, a 21-yr-old college student. I don't use my Livejournal much these days, preferring my tumblr over at Kousagi.net or my deviantart journal. Most entries I make here are pretty private and personal anyway, lol. I love anime and video games and find nerd humor to be some of the best humor, so if you want to follow me at dA or tumblr, go for it. ^_^

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・・・ shipper represent! ・・・
♥ [Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver] Kotone/Silver (Kotone/Rival)
♥ [Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver] Kotone/Hibiki
♥ [Valkyrie Profile] Lezard/Lenneth
♥ [Valkyrie Profile] Alicia/Rufus
♥ [Valkyrie Profile] Lezard/Alicia
♥ [Metal Gear Solid] Snake/Otacon
♥ [Silent Hill] Walter/Eileen
♥ [Silent Hill] Vincent/Heather
♥ [Silent Hill] Claudia/Heather
♥ [Silent Hill] Henry/Heather
♥ [Silent Hill] Henry/Alex (GG, 11. >_>)
♥ [Silent Hill] Alessa. Just Alessa. XD
♥ [Ergo Proxy] Vincent/Re-l

A whole fuckload more that I'm too tired to list right now. X3 If you ship something different, don't worry, I don't bash. Ship and let ship! ♥ Or better yet, COMBINE SHIPS! THREESOME? FOURSOME? MORESOME? XDDD

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