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★ kousagi ★
And he was called... SPACE HEATER. 
10th-Nov-2009 03:34 am

I got a space heater today! Yeah, now I can be warm while I work on that lovely posture of mine.

Critiques were freakin' awesome today. Everyone in the CW class is really sweet and awesome, I'm going to be really sad when the semester is over. I haven't had this much fun in a class since high school. In college, it's hard to really get a class where we joke around and know each other so well, but get work done at the same time. I really like all the people I've met and I hope to see at least a few of them next semester. 

I've been back in my writing and drawing groove again, haha. I guess I just lost my music for a while, I couldn't write or draw a thing. Recently, my art has been coming back to me, little by little. Then writing trickled back in as well. The creativity trounced the depression I was stuck in and it's like someone tossed a rope into the well I had fallen into. They must have heard me going, "Okay, seriously guys, I promise not to crush all your asses when I get out so throw me a rope, yeah? I gotta shit or something!"

It was glorious.

The rope, that is.

Need to do homework~ study Philosophy, Critiques... 

Gotta get all my Ren files in order... such a mess... ohdeargod ;___; I just cleaned the other day, too... how does so much junk wind up on my desk?  
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