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Just finished watching Gurren Lagann... 
3rd-Nov-2009 01:12 pm
Yeah, I'm like, two years late. XD

My thoughts... (Warning: Nia!Hate)

- I freakin' love how it doesn't even take itself seriously.

- Yoko is a badass, but I feel bad for how she got so screwed in the end. It seems like any guy who falls in love with her dies, so she winds up a little loveless at the end. Idk, I just kind of feel like she got screwed over. On the other hand, however, I kind of like how she kept her independance and was strong enough not to need a man in her life. She had her students, who were precious to her and that just shows a level of 'Pure, Unadulterated Female Badassery' that I loved.

- Ron. I LOVE RON. HOLY SHIT DO I LOVE RON, XD. ("I'm gonna gobble you up!")

- Nia. NO, NO, NO, NO, and fucking NO. Ugh, I usually don't hate moe characters, I try to give everyone a chance here, but oh, holy shit. Did I hate Nia. Honestly, she had potential, I would have liked her a lot if she came in closer to the beginning of the series and we got attached to her, but they really just forced her on us. She comes in after Kamina dies and instantly everyone loves her, and oh wait, she can't be miss perfect, so let's throw in one or two flaws-- she can't cook and she's an airhead! Oh no, she's so not a Mary Sue because of those two critical flaws! Uh, yeah, sorry guys, but she is a big fat Mary Sue archetype and later on, plot device. I cheered when she disappeared after the wedding, because everything about her just... blech. No. I mean, I felt bad for Simon because he obviously loved her, but I was also really glad to see her go and have him react as strongly as he did because despite all the loss he experienced, he is always able to bounce back and not go all Shinji Ikari on our asses.

- Holy shit, Rossiu got HOT in the second saga. But he also became a douche. I'm glad they solved that by the end. I am really glad that he did not off himself, because Simon coming to his rescue makes me ship Simon/Rossiu so damn hard. (And no, this has nothing to do with me hating Nia; she just sucks period. Rossiu's girl was adorable, albeit a bit on the spineless side, and I love that pairing too, so I'm not a yaoi fangirl who hates Nia because she 'gets in the way' of Simon/Rossiu. Even if she didn't disappear at the end, who says she's 'getting in the way'? XD If Simon started boinking Rossiu, she probably wouldn't even notice.)

- Simon/Rossiu. Enough said.

- I loved the mechs. I'm not even a big mech series fan, but there are a few that really stand out to me. Zone of the Enders is one such anime, despite the 'cock pits'. Metal Gear had some great mech designs. The crazy ones of Gurren Lagann were amusing and classy in their own way. LOVED THEM. I'm tired of that lego block Gundam shit.

- All of the side characters. I loved them too, they each had their own qualities that made them awesome, but I do wish we got to know them a little better. The female mechanic, whose name I can't remember was a pretty neat character that we never learned much of, the twin brothers were glorious (I was sad when they died), and the three Black Sisters were great too, as well as their brother.

- Viral. Just freakin' Viral. I won't even lie, he was fine for a beastman. I think I even ship Simon/Viral a little, and Yoko/Viral. WTF. Where the hell did Yoko/Viral come from!?

- Oh shit. I just realized why Yoko/Viral would work. Because every guy Yoko kisses winds up dying. Viral is immortal and can't die! IT WORKS!! THE SCIENCE, IT WORKS!! Plus she has her students that she sees as 'her kids' so she has the family thing going on that Viral desired but could never have. FFF, why didn't they play on this more, it would have been perfect!!

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