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★ kousagi ★
24th-Oct-2009 05:57 pm

Kotone at seventeen, haha. I started a fanfic called "Bells", about a seventeen-year-old Kotone starting a very late journey, following in the footsteps of her prodigy sister, Kris. She and her childhood friend, Hibiki plan on travelling together-- Kotone to one day challenge her older sister and Hibiki to meet Kris once again and profess his love for her (LOL, Hibiki...). This is all fine and dandy until a young man named Silver comes in and steals something very valuable from their mentor, Professor Elm.  

I really like this look for Kotone, though I need to make a nice, 'older' remixed look for Hibiki and Silver now, haha~ Silver's going to be freakin' handsome. Hibiki's just cute no matter what he does, that little... XD 
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