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[fanfic] [pokemon] Bells 
24th-Oct-2009 05:35 pm


Characters: Kotone, Hibiki, Silver
Rating: T
Universe: Heart Gold/Soul Silver (Game Universe)

A/N: Based on the HG/SS games with some liberties taken. There is some swearing and general "teen-iness". The Kotone in this story may not be completely like the one we see in the anime, but she still retains some traits (outgoing, friendly, slight "tough chick" attitude). Because we do not know what Hibiki and Kotone's official English names will be, I have decided to keep these Japanese names but use the rest of the dubbed version character and pokemon names. When their official English names are released, I will (most likely) update the chapters with the new names. Rival/Kamon/Black/etc. will be known as Silver in this story.

Kotone has just turned seventeen and is about to start her belated Pokemon journey with her best friend, Hibiki. When Silver disrupts their departure by stealing from Professor Elm, a series of events unfolds that will change three lives forever.

[ Chapter 01 ]

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