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26th-Nov-2009 11:27 pm - I blame Devours and her rad tutorial.
I don't do manga colors much... but tuxedobunny 's coloring style inspired me. X3


12th-Nov-2009 02:03 am - SATURN!

X3 Yeah, I went there.

I really like the background in this and holy crap, her kneecaps turned out cute! (BZUH? WTF, KOUSAGI?) I’m sorry, but that blush and shine turned out best on her knees. Pff~ haha. Go Hotaru, Go, Go, GO!

11th-Nov-2009 06:28 pm - Happy 11/11.

Haha, it’s preemptive, really. The real “Walter Sullivan Day” is 11/21. But since 11 is such an awesome number and November 11th gets two of them, I got inspired to draw my favorite video game character. ♥

Sketchy, but hell. It’s been way too long since I’ve drawn Walter. I’ll definitely try to make something badass for 11/21, haha. (Fantard moment.)

I guess it’s because it was all white with the blue and gold trim. The white skirt looked really cool, but was even cooler with the trim, you know?

I’m going to be opening up some 10$ chibi sketch commissions soon, so I need some stuff to display. Black and white sketches will be like 10$ and colored sketches will be like 15$. I need some ideas for display chibi sketches, haa~

10th-Nov-2009 06:39 pm - Nodoka/Negi ftw.

You know it’s too cute for words.

10th-Nov-2009 02:39 pm - Negima win.

A few days ago, Alvin and I started watching this anime called “Negima”. I figured it would be fun, since I really enjoyed Love Hina and Ken Akamatsu’s works. So far, it’s really fun, I’m kind of sad that I got into Negima like, five years too late, haha. It originally came out in maybe 2006 or so? I always get into these shows long after the fandom burns out. ;_; I would have loved to be all up in the fandom and watching the series unfold, crossing my fingers for little Nodoka, haha.

At first, I thought I was going to hate Negima. Asuna was irritating, Negi’s voice made me want to punt kittens, and overall, it just wasn’t very entertaining. But I stuck with it once Nodoka showed up in the first episode because she was too adorable. She really reminds me of Shinobu! X3 Although I kind of have the feeling her character isn’t going to get much resolution in the whole Negi romance thing, which sucks, haa~ I always like the side-characters who get like, one really sweet plot point that just fizzles out. But we’ll see, she might turn out to have a pleasant surprise story-wise. It would be cool to see her become a main character; if she just blends into the background with all the other 26 (give or take) students then I’ll be a sad bunny.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the live action version. I figured it would be corny along the same vein Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was, but… oh lawd, it was far worse, haaa~ wtf!! Who knows, though, it might just be that the first episode of the LA!Negima series sucks and the rest get better. I didn’t care much for PGSM in the first 2 or 3 episodes, but I eventually fell in love with it. LA!Negima might get better, but my biggest gripe is that it is live action but tries too hard to be the anime. It isn’t really a live action reimagining of it like PGSM was, but rather something like a school video class project with really bad writing lifted straight out of the anime… and people don’t act that way in real life, which just kind of kills it for me. I mean, there are some things that can pass, like PGSM had some very “straight out of anime” moments where the characters didn’t act like normal humans, but like cartoon characters… but those moments were few and far between, and often pulled off really comically. ;_; Ahh, LA!Negima, why must you let me down?

Anyway, I’ll probably be getting into the manga series soon, once I finish the first anime. I want to give the second series a spin, but it’s not dubbed, and I like to watch stuff with Alvin. I might give a subbed version a try, it’s been a long time since I watched an anime subbed. I’ve been spoiled by all the decent dubs coming out recently, haha, Ergo Proxy anyone? That was glorious dubbing.

10th-Nov-2009 03:34 am - And he was called... SPACE HEATER.

I got a space heater today! Yeah, now I can be warm while I work on that lovely posture of mine.

Critiques were freakin' awesome today. Everyone in the CW class is really sweet and awesome, I'm going to be really sad when the semester is over. I haven't had this much fun in a class since high school. In college, it's hard to really get a class where we joke around and know each other so well, but get work done at the same time. I really like all the people I've met and I hope to see at least a few of them next semester. 

I've been back in my writing and drawing groove again, haha. I guess I just lost my music for a while, I couldn't write or draw a thing. Recently, my art has been coming back to me, little by little. Then writing trickled back in as well. The creativity trounced the depression I was stuck in and it's like someone tossed a rope into the well I had fallen into. They must have heard me going, "Okay, seriously guys, I promise not to crush all your asses when I get out so throw me a rope, yeah? I gotta shit or something!"

It was glorious.

The rope, that is.

Need to do homework~ study Philosophy, Critiques... 

Gotta get all my Ren files in order... such a mess... ohdeargod ;___; I just cleaned the other day, too... how does so much junk wind up on my desk?  
Yeah, I'm like, two years late. XD

My thoughts... (Warning: Nia!Hate)

- I freakin' love how it doesn't even take itself seriously.

- Yoko is a badass, but I feel bad for how she got so screwed in the end. It seems like any guy who falls in love with her dies, so she winds up a little loveless at the end. Idk, I just kind of feel like she got screwed over. On the other hand, however, I kind of like how she kept her independance and was strong enough not to need a man in her life. She had her students, who were precious to her and that just shows a level of 'Pure, Unadulterated Female Badassery' that I loved.

- Ron. I LOVE RON. HOLY SHIT DO I LOVE RON, XD. ("I'm gonna gobble you up!")

- Nia. NO, NO, NO, NO, and fucking NO. Ugh, I usually don't hate moe characters, I try to give everyone a chance here, but oh, holy shit. Did I hate Nia. Honestly, she had potential, I would have liked her a lot if she came in closer to the beginning of the series and we got attached to her, but they really just forced her on us. She comes in after Kamina dies and instantly everyone loves her, and oh wait, she can't be miss perfect, so let's throw in one or two flaws-- she can't cook and she's an airhead! Oh no, she's so not a Mary Sue because of those two critical flaws! Uh, yeah, sorry guys, but she is a big fat Mary Sue archetype and later on, plot device. I cheered when she disappeared after the wedding, because everything about her just... blech. No. I mean, I felt bad for Simon because he obviously loved her, but I was also really glad to see her go and have him react as strongly as he did because despite all the loss he experienced, he is always able to bounce back and not go all Shinji Ikari on our asses.

- Holy shit, Rossiu got HOT in the second saga. But he also became a douche. I'm glad they solved that by the end. I am really glad that he did not off himself, because Simon coming to his rescue makes me ship Simon/Rossiu so damn hard. (And no, this has nothing to do with me hating Nia; she just sucks period. Rossiu's girl was adorable, albeit a bit on the spineless side, and I love that pairing too, so I'm not a yaoi fangirl who hates Nia because she 'gets in the way' of Simon/Rossiu. Even if she didn't disappear at the end, who says she's 'getting in the way'? XD If Simon started boinking Rossiu, she probably wouldn't even notice.)

- Simon/Rossiu. Enough said.

- I loved the mechs. I'm not even a big mech series fan, but there are a few that really stand out to me. Zone of the Enders is one such anime, despite the 'cock pits'. Metal Gear had some great mech designs. The crazy ones of Gurren Lagann were amusing and classy in their own way. LOVED THEM. I'm tired of that lego block Gundam shit.

- All of the side characters. I loved them too, they each had their own qualities that made them awesome, but I do wish we got to know them a little better. The female mechanic, whose name I can't remember was a pretty neat character that we never learned much of, the twin brothers were glorious (I was sad when they died), and the three Black Sisters were great too, as well as their brother.

- Viral. Just freakin' Viral. I won't even lie, he was fine for a beastman. I think I even ship Simon/Viral a little, and Yoko/Viral. WTF. Where the hell did Yoko/Viral come from!?

- Oh shit. I just realized why Yoko/Viral would work. Because every guy Yoko kisses winds up dying. Viral is immortal and can't die! IT WORKS!! THE SCIENCE, IT WORKS!! Plus she has her students that she sees as 'her kids' so she has the family thing going on that Viral desired but could never have. FFF, why didn't they play on this more, it would have been perfect!!

24th-Oct-2009 05:57 pm - BOOOBIEEEESSS~

Kotone at seventeen, haha. I started a fanfic called "Bells", about a seventeen-year-old Kotone starting a very late journey, following in the footsteps of her prodigy sister, Kris. She and her childhood friend, Hibiki plan on travelling together-- Kotone to one day challenge her older sister and Hibiki to meet Kris once again and profess his love for her (LOL, Hibiki...). This is all fine and dandy until a young man named Silver comes in and steals something very valuable from their mentor, Professor Elm.  

I really like this look for Kotone, though I need to make a nice, 'older' remixed look for Hibiki and Silver now, haha~ Silver's going to be freakin' handsome. Hibiki's just cute no matter what he does, that little... XD 
24th-Oct-2009 05:35 pm - [fanfic] [pokemon] Bells


Characters: Kotone, Hibiki, Silver
Rating: T
Universe: Heart Gold/Soul Silver (Game Universe)

A/N: Based on the HG/SS games with some liberties taken. There is some swearing and general "teen-iness". The Kotone in this story may not be completely like the one we see in the anime, but she still retains some traits (outgoing, friendly, slight "tough chick" attitude). Because we do not know what Hibiki and Kotone's official English names will be, I have decided to keep these Japanese names but use the rest of the dubbed version character and pokemon names. When their official English names are released, I will (most likely) update the chapters with the new names. Rival/Kamon/Black/etc. will be known as Silver in this story.

Kotone has just turned seventeen and is about to start her belated Pokemon journey with her best friend, Hibiki. When Silver disrupts their departure by stealing from Professor Elm, a series of events unfolds that will change three lives forever.

[ Chapter 01 ]

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